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Acceltek Group loves to listen. We prefer maintaining close collaboration with our clients throughout the development of the
project. Our team seeks feedbacks at every stage and responds quickly to changes. This means we can provide our
solutions quickly with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

Phase 1.

We have a well-defined information collection mechanism that allows us to gather all the information we need to
build out your solution. If you need help, we can conduct a research into your brand and vision and use the information
we collect to create the stories, wireframes, personas, and contents to create a design for your project. Having the all
requirements properly scoped and the design well defined makes the development more efficient.

Phase 2.

Once a solution has been designed, our development team will move in and start the development. The
different components, timeframes and development code may be shared on a common platform, so you can track the
progress of the solution. We will develop, test, and optimize the code for you. If you see anything you wish to change from
the primary design, you can suggest it right away.

Phase 3.

At the end of the development we deploy the project onto the platform intended to host the solution. We provide
all kinds of support to the solution including technical documentation and user training manuals wherever appropriate. If
you would like new options, features, further improvements, and enhancements we are happy to oblige. We extend our

services to provide further optimization instructions, usage analytics, suggestions on improvements and new options.

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